How do I sign?

Welcome new models and actors!

For consideration to be signed, complete an online application, THEN COME IN for an audition. We will reach out to you to schedule a time.

The application can be accessed by clicking the "New Talent" button above

When filling out your application please fill out as much information as possible.

When uploading a photo, please make sure this is good quality. This means that it must be a clear photo, that shows your face. (PLEASE NO SELFIES) Typically we expect a head shot or body shot. (This can be taken on a cell phone.) Once you are signed we will help you get professional photos. If you already have some professional photos you can use those.

What is Audition Ready?

Please wear a plain outfit such as jeans and a cami or t-shirt. Girls should be in heels.

Little to no make-up should be worn.

Please remember when auditioning, you are trying to impress the person you are auditioning for. Think of an audition as a job interview. 

​Our Agency Info:​


​A nonexclusive contract gives models the power to sign with as many agencies as they want and possibly find their own non-agency side jobs. If the modeling agency finds you work then they get paid a commission (15%). And if you find work on your own, you owe them nothing.

The model/agency relationship:

Modeling agencies act as personal managers, not employment agencies. They can’t guarantee work, but they can guide all aspects of the Model’s/Talent's career, from the best job opportunities and photographers to publicity and public relations.

Your agent is the one who protects your rights, your pay, and makes sure that jobs are safe/ethical.

Do I Have to pay for anything?:

Talent does not pay anything up front. Although you do not pay the agency in advance, you may need to pay for a photographer, instructor, or stylist. Talent are expected to be trained and have head shots and/or a portfolio. We will help you develop these after you sign.